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Covid 19 Update from Pastor Potts & Mrs. Lucas 

Hello Trinity Families!


As Mrs. Lucas communicated yesterday, we have had students test positive for COVID and due to privacy laws we cannot share more information about those students. In response to that, we are asking students and staff in the affected classes to be masked while indoors. In an attempt to keep our students learning in person, this decision was made as an alternative to having the classrooms quarantine immediately. If families are uncomfortable having their student at school during this time, they may choose to self-quarantine their child at home. This choice would not impact students’ attendance records and staff will work with families to make sure learning still takes place.


The safety of our students is our first goal in these actions. Please be monitoring your students for any symptoms. If there are any symptoms or health concerns, please keep your student home. If we have additional students test positive in those classes, we will move towards quarantining the class.


Thank you for living out our faith through Christian love towards and for one another.

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