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My name is Jeff Heimsoth and I serve as Senior Pastor of Trinity. I grew up in a small town, Cole Camp, Missouri. I have served at Trinity for eight years. I served for 25 years as pastor of a church outside of St. Johns, Michigan, before coming to Trinity Lutheran Church in 2012.


I am the youngest of seven children and have always loved sports. I have been married 40 years to Nancy, whom I dated throughout college. God has blessed us with three children and 8 grandchildren.


I was a high school math teacher for three years before going to seminary. Once a geometry student asked why he needed to study geometry. I lied and told him he would need to know geometry as an adult. I left teaching that year to study at the seminary to give people something I knew they really would need.

I am privileged to be part of this community. I love children and will always work that each child may know they are valued and loved. I am currently working to expand mentoring programs in the Monroe Public School system at the elementary level and through the Learning Bank. Everyone needs to have someone to believe in them.

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Cole Camp, Missouri

favorite Movie

The Goonies

fun fact

I was given the nickname "Animal" by my high school basketball coach.

(Pastor Potts might affirm that as I broke his glasses in a pick-up game years ago)

favorite vacation spot

I love to explore places I've never been to before!

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