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I have been involved with Trinity since 1979 (when I entered Kindergarten here).  I graduated from TLS in 1988, went to Monroe High school (92) and graduated from Michigan State (96). I was introduced to my husband, Chris, by a friend from Trinity and am very thankful for her introducing us! I started teaching at Trinity 11 years ago and my class is in my old 8th grade classroom, so the nostalgia is thick here! 


My oldest, Maxx, graduated from TLS last year as a co-valedictorian.  He attends MHS.  My youngest, Alec, is a 7th grader at TLS.  We love to spend time together, watching the kids compete in sports is our favorite, and you just might hear me yelling for them if you attend cross country, swimming, or track meets. 


My classroom’s best part would be the kids.  Each year we get such a great group of students.  This year, I especially have a wonderful class filled with interested and engaged students!


No field trips this year, sadly, but we do a variety of fun events in our room.  We will be starting GOURD FEST (a fall Olympiad of Academic Events played between teams created in my classroom) – this lasts from Halloween to Thanksgiving and we have events in math, geography, religion, spelling, gym, and science.  In addition, we do a variety of projects with our science and social studies curriculum including creating MUMMY HEADS from apples (for ancient Egypt) and dissecting worms (paper diagrams of course because EWWW).  We have also been known to employ scientific methods to decide on the best tasting chocolate!  6th grade has fun learning!






Watching my kids in Cross Country, Swimming & Track

Alumni fact

I ran Track & Field for MSU for 2 years in the High Jump!

favorite vacation spot

Camping out West & vacationing in Florida

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