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Trinity Lutheran School Testimonials




Teachers & Staff

"We love Trinity!! Best teachers and staff! Driving down the road and hear my little one's singing of Christ's heart melts!! They have been learning this special song in Music class at SCHOOL!! They begin each day with prayer and devotions!! Scripture memory is also part of the curriculum and increases their study and retention skills!! We are blessed to be part of the Trinity family. Makes tuition worth every penny" 

Academics & Religious Foundation 


"We love Trinity Lutheran School and the foundation they help set for our child. Not only do they raise the bar academically but religiously as well. Their staff is amazing and always seem to go above & beyond." 

Instilling Lifelong Qualities

"Our original intention was to have our kids go to preschool at Trinity, and then move to public school. We loved the teachers and families we got to know and by the time our oldest was in 4 year old preschool, we had solidified that we weren't leaving. When I went to leave one day, an older student came in through the door. He saw that I was leaving and ran back to hold the door for me, apologizing that he hadn't seen me and kept it open. I was so impressed by the manners and recognized the wonderful, respectful foundation that Trinity was instilling in these students. I just knew we couldn't leave! The staff are all so amazing and genuinely care about not only the students, but the parent teacher relationship. We have never regretted our decision to put our children in Trinity and would recommend the school to anyone looking for a solid, faith based foundation to their children's future." 

Positive Student Growth

Since my son has been a part of the middle school at Trinity Lutheran School I have seen many positive changes in him. The Christian leadership skills that my son has been taught have led to an overall improvement in his behavior. I have seen positive changes in his study habits, reliability and athleticism. I couldn't be happier with the opportunities my son has being at Trinity. What a real blessing Trinity is in our lives! 

Smaller Class Sizes

My son is a 6th grade student at Trinity and we both are very happy with the middle school here. I love that he is in a class with a smaller number of students and teachers that he is familiar with. He enjoys that he also gets to interact with students in the older grades. He has made friends at all age levels. This has done wonders for his confidence and is now more comfortable attending events and field trips that I cannot attend. I am proud of the young man he is becoming and so happy that he enjoys attending Trinity.

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